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Stress Management

I can teach you techniques and tools that will help you manage your stress.  By recognizing the source of your stress,  you can begin to utilize the techniques and skills that I will  introduce to you.


CBT skills and DBT techniques are helpful in managing depression. By unpacking and discarding the things you have carried with you for years, you can successfully manage your depression and live a happy and productive life.


Are you struggling in your personal relationships or finding work relationships painful and non-productive? Allow me to help you unravel the choices you've made that have prevented you from having successful relationships.


Anxiety can stem from many places and events in your life. The first step in managing anxiety, is to recognize the symptoms. I will assist you in recognizing those symptoms, uncover the places and events that cause you anxiety and to help you finally it go.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a very productive way to help you learn skills for living life on life's terms. With the support of others in the same place as you, you will be able to develop your ability to thrive in your personal life as well as your work life.

Individual Coaching

I can help you visualize and manifest the future you want. I can guide you to discover your purpose and how to make that happen. My goal to not just help you survive but to thrive!


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